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MP3 players gone wild


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God w/iPod
MP3 players gone wild


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1. "Step off the train all alone at dawn, back into the home where I was born ... "
"D'You Know What I Mean?", by Oasis, buddahmike

2. "I am he, the bornless one. The fallen angel watching you."
"Moonchild", by Iron Maiden

3. "Journey with me, into the mind of a maniac ..."
"Natural Born Killers", by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube, buddahmike

4. "Knock, knock, Mr. Rogers, it's Mr. McFeeley. I brought you a letter, speedy delivery."
"Your Only Friends Are Make-Believe", by Bloodhound Gang

5. "Leave me ... lying here ... cause I don't wanna go!"
"Volcano Girls", by Veruca Salt, revvoice

6. "Welcome to an empty fortress, a modern wreck that once was proud."
"Return To Hanger", by Megadeth

7. "We've been together for so very long, but now things are changing, oh I wonder what's wrong."
"You Don't Love Me Anymore", by Weird Al Yankovic, revvoice

8. "They will sum it all up in a sentence ..."
"Jizzlobber", by Faith No More

9. "I can't believe it ... the way you look sometimes ..."
"21st Century Digital Boy", by Bad Religion, revvoice

10. "When a man lies, he murders part of the world."
"To Live Is To Die", by Metallica
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